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Control of Contractors

Delete the bureaucracy of permits to work. Forever.

The problem

The daily bureaucracy management of work permits currently demands a significant amount of manual involvement, causing inefficiencies throughout the process.

The reliance on paper-based systems, mandatory signatures, and traditional work control methods contributes to operational inefficiencies and a lack of immediate, real-time information regarding ongoing work activities.




From the App or website version, the contractor will request different PTWs. Then, they will be able to see the resume of their PTWs and the current timeline of their work.

From the Admin Dashboard, the HSSE team will approve or deny the request with the different teams involved. Moreover, they will have all the PTW's information and stats.

Delete the bureaucracy and reinforce the safety of your operations. All in one.

Key benefits

Delete bureaucracy tasks.
Permits centralization.
Digital signature.
Intuitive platform for the contractor.