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Stowlog is a modular Compliance Software that reduces accidents and detects possible threats through the digitalization of the following HSSE procedures:

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What keeps your facility from being efficient and safe?

Logistics facilities suffer from a significant lack of data collection and centralization in terms of safety and security. This lack of data collection derives from inefficient, manual and analogue daily safety and security procedures.


Safety Induction

The user will watch a video that explains the safety and security recommendations that each visitor must follow when accessing the port facility. Subsequently, the user must pass a test by answering the questions correctly.

Once they pass the test they can access the facility. On the other hand, the facility staff will handle and evaluate all the data of the safety inductions thanks to the Admin Dashboard.

Safety Induction
Chris Hatter

Chris Hatter

Head of Compliance at Portsmouth International Port

Portsmouth International Port has been delighted to have worked with Estudio Cactus on this project. Starting out as an innovative and visual way of reinforcing safety and security on site the software, and Estudio Cactus team, have shown that the product can support customer experience, environmental improvements and educational opportunities.

The outcome has led to a product that will assist the Port in its efforts to exceed the expectations set out in Maritime 2050 and Future of Freight plans and push Maritime and Logistics forward.“

Chris Hatter

Proud to be selected by the UK Government

Due to our expertise in port logistics, Stowlog has been selected for the 1st cohort of the Freight Innovation Fund by the UK Department for Transport.

Therefore, through our cutting-edge software, employees have immediate access to crucial information, resulting in a more secure and resilient port community.

Because with safety, you get productivity.

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