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Detect threats and prevent fatal errors at real-time.

The problem

In port logistics zones, numerous individuals like truck drivers, contractors, and visitors often navigate through restricted zones, lacking awareness of the permitted areas.

This widespread lack of knowledge regarding people's behavior poses significant risks, including potential threats, intrusions into restricted zones, and unpredictability in facility operations.




From the Admin Dashboard, the HSSE department can know the location of visitors within the port facility, their height and detect if they are exceeding the speed limit. The objective is to reduce the risk of our assets/ to reduce risks, so if we see any anomaly we can act immediately.

On the other hand, users will be able to see their current location within the facility from the App.

Implement a safety culture for all your people.

Key benefits

Know people's location within your facility.
Detect possible threats.
Automatic speeding detection.
Take action in the event of an emergency.