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Interactive 3D Map

The utilization of the 3D Map provides the entire port logistics community with a comprehensive understanding of the area.

The problem

People who visit port logistic facilities often lack awareness of the ongoing interplay between assets and risks they encounter. This lack of awareness stems from the absence of clear and concise information regarding the facilities, areas, routes, and other relevant details provided to visitors.

Consequently, this informational gap heightens the potential for accidents, making the environment more susceptible to unintended incidents.




The interactive 3D Map of the port logistic facility is an interactive tool based on the facility layout where you can showcase all the different information points, routes directions, traffic plans, etc.

The user will navigate on the 3D Map through the App, website version, or in the platform that you decide, as it is an element that you can set in any platform of your choice.

Implement a safety culture for all your people.

Key benefits

Full understanding of the installations.
Facilitates routes to different areas.
Get a more protected installation.
Innovative tool for multiple departments.